Are Laptop Sleeves Worth it? Do I have to Buy a Laptop Sleeve for My Laptop?

Whether a laptop is worth it depends on different needs. People who do not need a laptop sleeve are mainly those who never go out taking a laptop, yet people who need it are like students, business people, people who work close to home.


  1. People who don’t need a laptop sleeve

The laptop sleeve protects the laptop, especially when you are carrying it out and traveling. But if your laptop stays on the desk at home forever, then the laptop sleeve means nothing to you.


Otherwise, if you don’t usually put the laptop and hard objects such as keys, nail clippers together, then the laptop sleeve is not very useful to you.


If you are in either of the above two situations, you do not need to buy a laptop sleeve.


  1. People who need a laptop sleeve
  • For students and business people

If you already got a laptop and want to protect it to a certain degree especially against bumps, you can buy a laptop sleeve then. This works and is super convenient. If you buy a laptop bag, it is less convenient and easy to use.


  • For the group of people who work close to home

Say you are a freelancer or you may work in a maker space close to home, and all you need for working is a laptop, a charger, and a notebook for taking notes, is also more suitable for taking a laptop sleeve for easy and convenient carrying.


3 what kind of laptop sleeve suits me

After making sure that you need a laptop sleeve, you also need to determine what type of laptop sleeve you need.

  • If you often use your laptop outdoors, you should choose a laptop sleeve with a shockproof and waterproof design.
  • If it is mainly used during daily commuting, then you should choose a convenient style.
  • If you need to carry a mouse, power supply, data cable, and other accessories when you carry your laptop, and you don't have a backpack, then you can buy a laptop sleeve with a storage design.