Latest update: August, 2023

At tomtoc, we are dedicated to providing our B-end customers with exceptional products that reflect our commitment to quality and authenticity. As you explore our range, we understand the importance of ensuring that the products you receive are genuine tomtoc creations. To assist you in this endeavor, we've put together this brand authenticity guide to address your concerns.

Authenticity Identification

We place great emphasis on the authenticity of our products. To ensure that you are purchasing genuine tomtoc items, consider the following ways:

1. Register on the Product Registration page with the product serial number which can be found on the box or the hang tag that came with the product. Successful registration means that the product is tomtoc original product.
2. Contact and provide the internal PO number/serial number of the product for customer service to help you identify.

3. Our products are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Inspect the materials, stitching, and overall build quality to ensure it aligns with the high standards of tomtoc.

Statement on Logo Versions

tomtoc's original logo, known for its minimalist design, has been used by us for several years.

Currently, tomtoc embraces two distinctive logo versions - the full "tomtoc" logo and the minimalist pure "t" letter logo. Both of these logos are authentic representations of tomtoc's products, embodying our dedication to innovation, style, and quality.

As you explore our range, you will encounter both logo versions, each representing a unique facet of tomtoc's identity. Whichever logo you encounter, rest assured that you are experiencing the genuine quality that defines tomtoc.

Thank you for choosing tomtoc. We are excited to serve you with products that resonate with our brand's ethos and elevate your experience.

Warm regards,

The tomtoc Team