What is a Laptop Sleeve and What Are the Differences Between Laptop Sleeve and Laptop Bag?

What is a laptop sleeve?

The laptop sleeve protects a laptop with less shock, scratch or collision, which can be used in daily life, commuting, travel and more. Even if laptops with the same size, you should take careful consideration when you purchase, as there are slight differences in laptop size given different notebook brands. For example, for the same 14.1-inch notebook computer bag, the thickness of Lenovo or BENQ is about 0.5-1.0 cm more than that of DELL. Generally speaking, If you are going to buy a laptop sleeve, you need to know its accurate length, width and height first and then go for the right one.

What are the differences between Laptop Sleeve and Laptop Bag?

Laptop sleeves aim at protecting a laptop/notebook with no uniform size but customizing regarding the different sizes of laptops. Laptop bags including backpacks, handbags, or sling bags lay on carrying function with a certain size, containing a laptop and its accessories including mouse, mouse pad and more.


What are the features of a laptop sleeve?

  • Collision-resistance

If the laptop is accidentally bumped or dropped to the ground, it gets easily broken. The laptop sleeve can effectively reduce the damage caused by the collision with good material. The better the material, the better the collision resistance.


  •  Water-proof function

The waterproof function here refers to the water-repellent function. When traveling or traveling on business, the laptop sleeve can effectively prevent rain, moisture, etc. from harming the notebook instead of being soaked in water for a few hours. Some manufactures offer laptop sleeves with waterproof fabric and even waterproof zipper parts.


  • Daily wear and scratch resistance

    The beautiful new laptop will easily get scratches soon after using it, especially at the two corners of the front of the laptop. This is because we often take the laptop out of the bag and put it in. If you use a laptop bag, it is easy to wear off the paint on the edge of the notebook; if you wear a notebook sleeve, your laptop gets a loyal friend.


    • Decoration

    Many laptop manufacturers are offering sleeves with both increasingly beautiful designs and durable quality. Get a nice companion for your beloved laptop now!